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Ohio Lumex offers critical products and services to the oil & natural gas industry.  From benzene and mercury analyzers to laboratory services, we are a trusted partner in meeting the unique challenges of this industry.  Our online natural gas monitor is specifically designed to meet the low-level detection limits required for this application and can be customized to operate in a variety of conditions including hazardous environments.

Additional Resources for Natural Gas:
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Regular Variations of the Mercury Concentration in Natural Gas (PDF)
Vladimir V. Ryzhov, Nikolai R. Mashyanov, Nina A. Ozerova, Sergey E. Pogarev
The Science of the Total Environment (2003)

Mercury as a Catalyst Poison (PDF)
Dr John Dunleavy Business Director – Refinery, Oil & Gas
Section, Johnson Matthey PCT, PO Box 1, Belasis Avenue,
Billingham TS23 1LB, U.K.
Platinum Metals Rev., 2006, 50, (3), 156

Using Gas Geochemistry to Assess Mercury Risk
Weatherford Laboratories
Houston, TX - HQ
5200 North Sam Houston Pkwy West, Suite 500
Houston, TX 77086

The Amazing Rusting Aluminum
By Theodore Gray, September 22, 2004
Popular Science

Understanding of Mercury Corrosion attack on Stainless Steel Material at Gas Wells: Case Study
Authors Ardian Nengkoda (Petroleum Development Oman)
Zaher Mohammed Al-Hinai (Petroleum Development Oman)
Document ID IPTC-13368-MS
Publisher: International Petroleum Technology Conference
Source: International Petroleum Technology Conference, 7-9 December, Doha, Qatar
Publication Date: 2009

A Re-Think of the Mercury Removal Problem for LNG Plants (PDF)
Peter J. H. Carnell
Vince Atma Row
Johnson Matthey Catalysts

Mercury in Crude Oil and Natural Gas (PDF)
A Concern for the Oil and Gas Industry
Audun Gangstad and Stale Berg
Statoil R&D, 27.03.06

Mercury in Extraction and Refining Process of Crude Oil and Natural Gas (PDF)
Author: Gerard Subirachs Sanchez
Supervisor: Dr. Euan Bain
This thesis was submitted as part of the requirement for the MEng. Degree in Engineering
School of Engineering, Univ. of Aberdeen, 20 May 2013


Mercury Attacking Aluminum

Mercury and Aluminum - A Dangerous Reaction (Hg) (Al) 

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