Laboratory Services

Ohio Lumex’s NELAP Accredited laboratory specializes in EPA Method 30B, EPA Performance Specification 12B, and EPA M7473 using direct mercury analysis via thermal decomposition. The laboratory offers the fastest turnaround times in the industry with high quality results. As a division of a company that specializes in sorbent traps, the company goes beyond just analyzing and reporting the results by providing continual support and technical expertise.

Commitment to Quality:

The laboratory follows strict policies and procedures both established by NELAP and developed internally to ensure high-quality data acquisition. Every analytical batch receives detailed attention from sample acceptance to final report delivery.  A QA/QC manager reviews and assigns each project to specific instrument calibration settings for optimal results.  Each set of data is independently reviewed to verify that all laboratory QC checks have passed and method requirements have been adhered to. Laboratory management is available to answer any questions you may have about your report.

Support on products and services:

The Ohio Lumex laboratory routinely performs custom analysis and diagnostic services to help clients successfully use our products for both process control and regulatory compliance.  This could include recommendations for modifying sampling parameters or sorbent trap configurations.

Additional Laboratory Services and Proprietary Analytical Techniques:

MEST-H Trap analysis for hydrogen halides (HCl, HBr)
SO3 Sorbent Traps
Se and As for Effluent Limitation Guidelines
Natural Gas sampling by ASTM D5954 (gold traps)

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